To order your books you need to complete two parts; a registration and the actual order.
Look below for the explanation of the steps.

PART 1: The registration (When you need to order more books later, after your first order, you don’t need to do this anymore. Then you can go immediately to part 2)
This part is completely non-committal, but people who aren’t registered have to pay more for their books! You can find the benefits of our membership card at the section “Membership and Guido Gids”. You can use your membership card for one year. So people who did their registration last year, need to do it again.

1) Go to and sign up as a member of VPPK (Flemish Psychological and Educational Union)

2) Select “Ik ken mijn UGentNet gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord” (This means: “I know my UGentNet username and password”). In case you have a problem uploading your photograph at step 5, then select: “Ik vul zelf al mijn gegevens in” (This means: “I will fill up my details myself”).

3) Log in with your UGent username and password (=your CAS; you have received those when you signed up at the UGent)

4) Fill up all your details! Don’t forget to mention your e-mail address! That’s how we will give you important information related to your books and possible problems. So, give us an e-mail address you will check regularly.

5) After you have selected “Selectie vastleggen” your registration is completed.

PART 2: To order your books

1) When your registration is completed, go to

2) Click on the logo of VPPK (Flemish Psychological and Educational Union)

3) Log in again with your UGent CAS (UGent username and password you’ve received when you signed up at the UGent)

4) Choose the study you will be doing.

5) The actual order. You can choose from:
a. Order a book package.
b. Compose your own book package. Master students and students on a circuit need to do this!
c. If you want to see which book belongs to which class, move your cursor over it.

6) Confirm your order. (Check if your order and your details are correct!)

7) Only for students on an individualized route (GIT-traject).
When you have ordered books for one part (for example: 2nd bachelor) and you need more books for another part (for example: 3th bachelor), you can go to step 8. Students on a regular route can go immediately to step 10.

8) After confirming the order of the first part of your composed book package, you click on “nieuwe bestelling plaatsen” (This means: to place a new order).

9) In case you need books from another study, you can select “richting veranderen”(This means: to change study). Next, you choose the study you want to order books for (for example: “bedrijfspsychologie”). Then you are back at step 5. You can repeat this process in case you need more books from other studies.

10) Print the receipt.

12) Go to the book sales at the basement AND DON’T FORGET YOUR STUDENT CARD.